Harper’s Standardized Study Bible Desktop App


HSSB Desktop App

A Bible App that includes the New Testament translation in which every word in the original text is translated the same way in the English text.

Harper's Standardized Study Bible Application logo which shows a black bible cover with a large cold H in the middle

Note From the Translator

My purpose in creating this translation of the New Testament is to provide a translation that will allow the English reader to more clearly see the Greek text that stands behind the translation.


  • Compare Bible translations. Display several different Bible translations side by side in a single window for a quick comparison between translations.
  • Search the Bible. Search several translations of the Bible simultaneously from either a Bible window or Search window using Strong's numbers, a single word, or a phrase.
  • Take Personalized Notes. Create commentaries to take notes on verses. Create dictionaries to take notes on words. Add hyperlinks within your notes to quickly jump to your notes on any other verse, passage, or word in the Bible. Valuable resources that are included with the HSSB App are the VOE Scripture Index and the VOE Topical Index.