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7 simple steps to salvation

7 Simple Steps to Salvation

by Larry D. Harper (64 pages) ($6.95)

This 64-page booklet explains the Gospel message of salvation as a simple step-by-step approach to what one must believe and do to be born again.

the four horsemen of the apocalypse with the antichrist entering a dilapidated temple

The Advent of Christ and AntiChrist

by Larry D. Harper (260 pages) ($19.95)

This book contains everything the Early Church Fathers Irenæus and Hippolytus wrote about the Antichrist. First published in 1992, it was not released for public distribution until April 2005 because it was considered too controversial. It reveals that the popular “Left Behind” series is part of Satan’s plan to delude the world into believing his appearance as the Antichrist is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

the four horsemen of the apocalypse wreaking havoc

The AntiChrist

by Larry D. Harper (61 pages) ($6.95)

The Book of Revelation describes the appearance of the Antichrist in terms of parabolic images that few, if any, today understand. Yet the disciples of John, the Apostle who authored the Book of Revelation, insist he taught his own disciples what they meant. In this booklet, two Early Church leaders—Irenæus and Hippolytus, who were second- and third-generation disciples of John—explain some of what they knew about the Antichrist. This book contains excerpts from The Advent of Christ and AntiChrist described above.

God called I Answered

God Called; I Answered

by Larry D. Harper (275 pages) ($19.95)

This is the inspirational, often riveting, story of how a 12-year-old farm boy’s vow to the Lord in a moment of pure joy turned into a life-long search for an accurate understanding of the meaning and significance of the Scriptures. Taking the reader from his childhood in the Oklahoma/Texas Panhandle, into the military, then on to college, seminary, doctoral studies at the University of California, Berkeley, and finally, to his ongoing research and writing, Harper reveals why he has never wavered from his belief that the Lord called him through a supernatural event that occurred on August 17, 1966. Harper is a decorated Vietnam Veteran, having served a one-year tour of duty in that country as an infantry squad leader, for which he was awarded a Bronze Star, an Air Medal, and the much-coveted Combat Infantryman Badge—a one-year tour of duty that he readily admits transformed him from a youth into a man. Over the past quarter century, Harper has written several hundred articles, books, and monographs in which he explains his understanding of the Scriptures. Here, in his own words, he discloses why he feels compelled to not only continue researching and writing, but also to publish his own “standardized” translation of the Scriptures—Harper’s Standardized Study Bible.

text that says in the image and likeness of god

In the Image and Likeness of God

by Larry D. Harper (41 pages) ($6.95)

Skeptics like to point out the apparent contradictions that exist in the Creation Account to “prove” the biblical text is not reliable. Here, for the first time since the Early Church lost The Apostolic Teaching, is an explanation of that account that not only makes sense; it also agrees completely with things the Early Church Father Irenæus wrote in his monumental second-century work, “Against Heresies.”

painting of an early church

The Mystery of Scripture, Volume 1

by Larry D. Harper (279 pages) ($19.95)

This is the first in a three-volume series that will eventually explain how and why Moses and the other Prophets of Israel intentionally concealed “The Mystery” of the Word of God behind the parabolic imagery and Hebrew idioms of the Hebrew Scriptures. It also begins to explain why “The Mystery” that was revealed to the Apostle Paul and the other Apostles is no longer understood today. The Mystery of Scripture, Volume 1 does not attempt to explain “The Mystery”; it merely demonstrates some of the ways that Moses deftly concealed “The Mystery” of the Word of God in the Pentateuch. It also shows how a careful reading of the text discloses Moses knew exactly what he was doing.

sarcophagus and ancient egypt

Not All Israel Is Israel

by Larry D. Harper (223 pages) ($19.95)

This is the first of four volumes in The Resurrection Theology Series. This volume examines the meaning and significance of the Hebrew idiom “cut off from.” This idiom is used extensively in the Old Testament to point to the fact that God continually “cut off from” Corporate Israel those individual members of Corporate Israel who were not pleasing to Him. Not All Israel Is Israel explains the significance of this fact as it relates to Jesus Christ and the Jews. The title is taken from Romans 9:6 where the Apostle Paul talks about his understanding of Who is—and who is not—a member of Corporate Israel—the Heir of the promise God gave Abraham (Romans 9–11).

three crosses on top of the world with the bible below opened to read

The Old Testament Gospel of Jesus Christ

by Larry D. Harper (60 pages + CD) ($6.95)

This 59-page booklet (with audio CD) exposes several popular beliefs as nothing more than Satan's lies. It then goes on to explain the content of the Old Testament Gospel message of salvation that one must believe to be born again.

black and white sarcophagus and eye of osiris

The Passover Parable

by Larry D. Harper (37 pages) ($6.95)

Jesus said the writings of Moses, the Prophets, and the Psalms—that is, the entirety of the Hebrew Scriptures—are all about Him (Luke 24:27, 44; John 5:46). Yet few today can find any reference to Jesus Christ in the Hebrew Scriptures because they don’t understand that God has used parables since the time of Moses to speak concerning His Son. The Passover Parable is at the heart of God’s message concerning His Firstborn Son, Jesus Christ. That message can be seen in the carefully orchestrated parabolic pantomime that God directed Corporate Israel, His Firstborn Son (Ex. 4:22), to enact during the Exodus of the sons of Israel from Egypt.

old man soren kierkegaard in top hat holding an umbrella while three people laugh in the distance

Wanna Hear a Whopper?

by Larry D. Harper (55 pages) ($6.95)

This 55-page booklet is a reprint of the article titled “Wanna Hear the Whopper the Liar Came Up With? (I Doubt You’ll Believe It!)” in the October 1996 issue of The Voice of Elijah® newsletter. It contains a penetrating examination of the origin and distribution of the single most important lie that Satan has ever foisted off on the Church—Dispensationalism. It explains why he is feverishly promoting the Big Lie in these Last Days, and includes a timeline depicting events leading up to the Second Coming.

a painting of a church and people heading on their way on a dirt road

The Way, The Truth, The Life (Third Edition)

by Larry D. Harper (203 pages) ($19.95)

This transcript is from a live seminar held in 1993. This seminar examines the history of The Truth of the Word of God that the Prophets concealed in the Hebrew Scriptures, which is The Way by which The Life is attained. It explains what Jesus had in mind when He said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” (John 14:6). Subjects discussed are: • The Way: The Mystery of Scripture • The Truth: God's Gift of Knowledge • The Life: Founded on a Knowledge of the Truth.